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Yangzhou sencond store soft opening

(27 April, 2009 - Hong Kong) Golden Eagle Retail Group Limited ("Golden Eagle" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"; Stock code: 3308£©, a premium department store chain in the PRC, announced the soft opening of Yangzhou second store.
Yangzhou Second Store,located at the west district, the newly emerged urban cluster of Yangzhou City with about 30,000 ©Oof gross floor area. In 2008, Yangzhou City recoreded a GDP of RMB 157.3 billion and total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB 52.13 billion, representing a year-on- year growth of 13.4% and 24.4%. Disposable income per capita for urban citizens reached RMB 17,398, representing a year-on- year growth of 15.5%. The new store achieved gross sales precede around 3.6 million on the first day and over 6.6 million during the weekend.
Commenting on the soft opening of the new store, Mr. Roger Wang, Chairman of the Group, said," Our first store in Yangzhou has been posting encouraging growth since opening and has secured a leading market position. With the optimistic economic prospects of Yangzhou, the Group is confident that the two stores will generate remarkable synergies and further uphold our market leadship."

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